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Foster offers four types of performances through Nature Theatre: Children's Nature Songs & Stories, Educational Characters, Folk Legends & Tall Tales, and Professional Workshops in Interpretation. Whether you're an educator, librarian, naturalist, museum director, park manager, festival organizer workshop committee member or other event planner, you'll discover that Foster's performances appeal to audiences of all ages and demographics.

Children's Nature Songs & Stories
Educational Characters

Folk Legends & Tall Tales

Professional Workshops in Interpretation

Children's Nature Songs & Stories :

Children's Nature Songs & Stories feature Foster's live performances of his original nature songs. He accompanies himself with the guitar, banjo, fiddle, dulcimer and various percussion instruments. The audience is also encouraged to participate with hand motions, call-and-response and sing-alongs. Just when you expect another song, Foster launches into a terrific tall tale that he insists to be true. Let your audience decide!
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Educational Characters :

Foster brings eras of days gone by alive with characters like Dr. Wildweed (old-time herbalist), Digger Gallagher the Canaler, Professor Horatio Habitat, Serge the Voyageur, The Quarry Man and Willie of the Willows. Foster arrives in costume and in character, with plenty of props to encourage audience participation.
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Folk Legends & Tall Tales :

Foster's physical comedy, sense of suspense and elements of surprise enthrall audiences everywhere. Drawing upon ancient (and more recent) folklore from the Americas, Europe and Africa, Foster delivers valuable life lessons to groups of all ages.
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Professional Workshops in Interpretation :

Fellow naturalists and cultural interpreters recognize Foster's gift of interpretation. Foster has received both regional and national awards from the National Association for Interpretation, among others. In his professional workshops, Foster shares songwriting, infusing music into your programs, the art of encouraging audience participation, and developing educational characters.
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