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Foster has captured the attention of reporters and photographers from countless local newspapers and magazines, including Cleveland Magazine, Northern Ohio Live, and Explore! Cleveland, among others. More importantly, Foster and his energetic performances elicit enthusiastic responses from schoolchildren, professional colleagues, and audiences everywhere. Thankful letters and emails stream back to Foster after his appearances. Below is a sampling of recent responses.
  Georgia, 4th grade...  
"Dear Mr. Brown, Your presentation was amazing. You created laughter like a wizard. I will always remember this experience. All our heads are filled with information. From beginning to end, from sentence to sentence, word to word, bits of information all came together."
  Jeff Brown, Co-Program Director, KTOO-FM/KRNN-FM, Juneau, AK...  
"Your music is some of the friendliest music I've ever heard! Great work on everything -- the music, the vocals, and the high quality of the songs themselves. Congratulations on a fine release!"
  Patrick, Lincoln Elementary School...  
"Dear Foster Brown, Thank you so much for your presentation. If I was to rate it from 1-10, it would be a 10. My smile was huge. I did not whisper a single word to one of my friends. My eyes were fixed on you. I can't wait until you come back."
  Daniel J. Best, Chief Naturalist, Geauga Park District...  
"Foster's work demonstrates an extensive knowledge and mastery of folk music idioms from ballads to blues that he effectively uses for composing music of great vitality that evokes imagery and emotion. Foster's gift is the wonderful ability to digest historical information, devise a storyline and produce songs written from a very human point of view: portraits of times, places and people from the past. This is the mark of a true artist: one who can convey a chapter of local history in the confines of a three-minute song."