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Get a taste of Foster's recordings here. Just click on the download icon below the album description of your choice, and you'll hear a short sample of every song title.

Songs From a Naturalist's Notebook - 2006
The recipient of a 2006 Parents' Choice 'Recommended' Award, this is an encore presentation featuring fan favorites and the introduction of new tunes, as well. Foster's original lyrics are unforgettable, teaching youngsters (and the young at heart) about our glorious natural world. Having drawn upon the talents of musical friends, the instrumentations in this recording are infectious.
Download 01 notebook.mp3
foster brown: Naturally - 2004
The winner of a 2004 Parents' Choice 'Recommended' Award, this recording of children's nature songs is infused with creative energy and joy. Moods run the gamut from the sweet and soothing 'Loon Lullaby' to the scandalously instructional 'Scit Scat Diddly Doo' and the merry 'Sweet Sap Smile.' Foster fashioned these songs for all ages, providing fun nature lessons set to memorable rhythm and rhyme
Download naturally.mp3
Legacy of the Land: Songs of the Emerald Necklace - 2002
Foster crafted this set of original songs to shed light on the stories, places, natural features and events that helped contribute to what we call the Emerald Necklace. This refers to the string of reservations comprising Cleveland Metroparks, which surrounds metropolitan Cleveland as a natural respite from urban life.
Download legacy.mp3
Ohio & Erie Canal: Inspired Songs that Tell the Story - 2000
This educational CD was developed with students in mind, to teach them about the canal era of Ohio. Through song, Foster demonstrates what life was like for those who dug the canal, for a canal boat captain, for a canaler's child, even for the mules that towed the canal boats up and down the corridor of water. The beauty of this recording is that it is part of a set. An accompanying instructional booklet features historical background, photos and a written score for each song.
Download ohiocanal.mp3
Family, Faith & Friends - 1999
Foster wrote this compilation of original folk songs about his upbringing in rural Indiana. His variety of autobiographical sketches combine humor and nostalgia in a way that appeals to children and adults alike.
Download familyff.mp3
Walkin', Wadin' & Wanderin' - 1997
This is Foster's second recording of children's nature songs, featuring colorful musical sketches about owls, insects, reptiles, crickets, wetlands and more. Foster's engaging style of setting education to music is joyfully demonstrated on this disc.